Urban Water Management Plan

Yucaipa Valley Water District has a diverse water resource portfolio that includes groundwater, imported water, surface water, and recycled water. To ensure that these resources meet the changing water needs of the community, YVWD has collaborated with other local agencies to create the 2020 Integrated Regional Urban Water Management Plan (2020 IRUWMP). 

The 2020 IRUWMP is a regional effort involving many municipalities and agencies that provides a comprehensive guide for water resource management for the Upper Santa Ana River Watershed. YVWD's chapters in this document details how YVWD will ensure adequate water resources to meet demands 25 years into the future. YVWD's Water Shortage Contingency Plan explains the actions YVWD plans to take during an actual water shortage condition.

2020 IRUWMP : Executive Summary
2020 IRUWMP Part 1: Regional Context
2020 IRUWMP Part 2: Local Agency UWMP's
2020 IRUWMP Part 3: Regional Supporting Information
2020 IRUWMP Part 4: UWMP Supporting Information