Over the past decade, the Yucaipa Valley Water District has been actively taking steps to improve the social, economic and environmental sustainability of our community. These actions have included the purchase of valuable watershed properties, protection of local water supplies and management of environmental corridors. While the decisions to embark on these actions have been generally unrelated, a look back in time indicates that the District has been progressing towards a more independent, flexible and sustainable future.

SustainabilityThe proactive steps taken by the District to protect and conserve our resources have been based on the concepts that: (1) resources are not limitless and therefore need to be conserved, nurtured and renewed; and (2) resources that are used to generate short-term gains result in an inefficient and inequitable consumption of resources that are not beneficial for a long-term strategy. Both of these concepts help to guide the District to make decisions that are conservative, careful and conscious of the role we currently play in a long-term strategy to protect the community.

The purpose of pursuing a strategic plan for a sustainable future is twofold. First and foremost, the sustainability plan has been designed to establish the policies and guidelines necessary to protect and preserve the natural resources entrusted to the District for our customers. It is our business to maximize the use of our limited natural resources for the long-term economic growth and expansion of the local economy. In the arid southwest, the basic fuel to create and maintain a local economy is water. Secondly, the sustainability policy has been designed to provide a means to measure performance of the organization. While performance monitoring or benchmarking is not normally associated with sustainability, this document has been created with the intention that the goals and reporting requirements are designed around performance management across a wide range of disciplines.

Sustainability Document
On August 20, 2008, the Board of Directors adopted A Strategic Plan for a Sustainable Future - The Integration and Preservation of Resources. The development of this document was based upon suggestions from the board members, staff, the public and interested stakeholders. We appreciate the constructive feedback we received to begin our journey of a sustainable future for our community.