Emergency Preparedness and Response


Emergency management by the Yucaipa Valley Water District provides an opportunity for our team to focus on a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, and evaluating emergency preparedness to quickly respond and recover when disaster strikes.  Our training focuses on the following five elements of disaster preparedness:

•         Prevention focuses on creating specific plans and training for events well ahead of a disaster to prepare and develop specific plans, tools, and emergency management protocols.

•         Preparedness involves activities such as emergency planning, training, exercising, assessment, and remedial actions.  

•         Response is the ability to respond to whatever challenges disasters may bring such as supply chain interruptions, changes in service delivery or day to day staffing.

•         Recovery focuses on restoring critical operations to stabilize day to day services and increase capacity to continue to serve the community after a disaster.

•         Mitigation activities provide an opportunity for the District to reduce damage to infrastructure and supplies to lessen the overall effect of a disaster on the community.

A reliable water supply is going to be crucial during an emergency as well as the treatment of wastes generated from the community.  While we cannot guarantee our customers uninterrupted service during an emergency, the Yucaipa Valley Water District staff members are trained to respond rapidly and professionally to the needs of our community.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

Hazard mitigation reduces or eliminates losses of life and property by identifying, anticipating, and remediating specific vulnerabilities in our community.  While we cannot prevent disasters from happening, their effects can be reduced or eliminated through well-organized public education and awareness efforts, preparedness, and mitigation. 

 The Yucaipa Valley Water District has updated our Hazard Mitigation Plan which  details the risks of both natural and manmade hazards in our service area and includes programs and projects that can help reduce the exposure of District residents and businesses should an event occur.