Water Wise Landscapes

Drought Tolerant 1st Place Winner
"The use of dry river beds, decomposed granite, help to add interest and cover parts of our yard that will require no water. We use a drip system for shrubs and trees and used drought tolerant and/or native plants and trees. We topped the planted area with a four inch layer of gorilla hair (mulch). This helps retain moisture for the plants, reduces weeds, insects and disease." -- Charlene and Thomas Drake

Drought Tolerant 2nd Place Winner
"We have resided in the home for 10 years and the highlight of our 'drought tolerant' yard is the minimal amount of maintenance required. We only really have to keep up with the roses. In the 10 years here, we have added bark one time. The yard has a built in sprinkle system that we only use in the Summer months when it's really, really hot. Some friends have used our example to landscape their own yard. With the current state of water in California coupled with the move towards 'drought tolerant' landscape we feel happy to do our part here in Yucaipa." -- Philip and Denise Abbott

Drought Tolerant 3rd Place Winner
“I wanted to re-do my front yard landscaping to be water-wise and easy maintenance.  I worked with Sunshine Pavers to create a landscape that used all native California plants and a drip water system.  We created a beautiful rock river w/ both a lighted bridge and separate walkway to lead from one side of the yard to the RV parking pad on the other.” -- Terrie Andrews

Recycled Water Fill Station Hauler 1st Place Winner
"I use the recycled water tank. I also water the few plants out front with a garden hose once a week." -- Laurie and Fred Geusen

Landscape contest entry
landscape contest entry
Belle road 3.1
landscape contest entry