Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water. This extends our water supplies farther, and protects the water resources for the Yucaipa Valley.  Recently the Governor has implemented mandatory emergency drought regulations.

Our water supply is finite.  Efficient use of this natural resource is imperative for current and future generations to utilize this precious resource.  Water conservation methods should be practiced by everyone throughout the year.  Periodic episodes of drought are an inevitable occurrence in any region; however Southern California’s precipitation ranks lower than most regions leading to periodic drought conditions.  Water Conservation habits will provide additional water reliability during the low precipitation years.

Yucaipa Valley Water District has taken various steps to ensure our water supply quality and quantity is dependable.  Unexpected variables such as weather, environmental restrictions and infrastructure repairs can play a role on the availability of this water supply.  This website offers additional resources that inform Yucaipa Valley customers of the water supply reliability trends.