Drought Contingency Plan

Section 10632 et. Seq. of the California Water Code requires the preparation and maintenance of a Water Shortage Contingency Analysis including the following elements:

  • Stages of action to be undertaken by the urban water supplier in response to water supply shortages
  • An estimate of the minimum water supply available during each of the next three water years based upon the driest three-year historic sequence for the agency’s water supply
  • Actions to be undertaken by the urban water supplier to prepare for, and implement during, a catastrophic interruption in of water supplies
  • Additional, mandatory prohibitions against specific water use practices during water shortages
  • Consumption reduction methods in the most restrictive stages
  • Penalties or charges for excessive use, where applicable
  • An analysis of the impact of each of the actions and conditions
  • A draft water shortage contingency resolution or ordinance
  • A mechanism for determining actual reductions in water use pursuant to the urban water shortage contingency analysis

The Yucaipa Valley Water District adopted its current Water Shortage Contingency Plan on June 15, 2011. This plan builds on that original plan, the District’s experience in implementing the Plan during the 1987-1992 drought and changed requirements under the law. It also is a supplement to the District’s 2010 Urban Water Management Plan.