Utility Bill Update - Mailed utility payments will return to our local Yucaipa Post Office!

In early 2020, the Yucaipa Valley Water District made changes to our bill printing system and payment processing that resulted in all mailed utility bills being sent to Utah for processing.  While the outsourced processing service significantly helped the District staff during the recent pandemic, the District staff received several concerns about the timeliness of customer payments. 

The District has now made several business process changes that will eliminate mail being sent to Utah for processing.

Effective May 1, 2021, all utility bill payments will be directed to your local post office box in Yucaipa, California.  Please discard any old return envelopes that direct payments to Utah. 

We look forward to returning the payment processing activities back to the District office.

As always, should you need any assistance please contact the District office at (909) 797-5117 between 6:30am and 5:00pm Monday through Thursday.  For after hours and weekend emergency calls, our public works staff members can be reached at (909) 797-5117.