Drought in California by the California Department of Water Resources

During the 2012-2016 drought, Governor Brown issued a series of executive orders together with new regulations put forth by the State Water Resources Control Board that created statewide solutions for dealing with the drought conditions.  The high-level directives mandated by the State superseded the advanced planning efforts and resources available at the local level in favor of a statewide approach. 
Now in 2021, we find ourselves in a similar position where the first six months of the current water year rank as the fourth driest of record based on statewide precipitation.  However as California likely enters another drought cycle, the Yucaipa Valley Water District is prepared to complete several water related projects that will maximize the use of recycled water throughout our service area.  Once completed, these projects will provide renewable water resources that will significantly reduce the impacts of climatic changes on our community.


The Department of Water Resources  has updated and published its Drought in California report.  The brochure provides a short introduction to the history of drought in California and outlines drought effects on the state’s water supply, infrastructure, economy, agriculture, and groundwater.  It is one of several resources and documents available on the Department of Water Resources Drought webpage.