Staff Members

All of the employees of the Yucaipa Valley Water District play an important role in our ability to provide service to the community, twenty-four hours per day.  Every employee maintains the necessary skills and training to actively assist in one or more of the District's major enterprise functions: water service; sewer service; recycled water service; and salt management.  

Just like any good team, the staff members of the Yucaipa Valley Water District share values and goals based on focus and passion.  This team spirit creates a culture that holds people accountable for their actions, while at the same time creating a system of empowerment .

The number of staff members serving our community is generally smaller than most comparable local government agencies providing similar services and treatment functions.  This is directly attributable to our organizational culture, high skill level of our integrated employees, team work, coordination, communication and the use of technology to facilitate our daily tasks. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas for us to improve, we would like to hear from you.  Please contact our customer service staff at (909) 797-5117, or send us an email.

Organizational Structure
The Yucaipa Valley Water District staff works in a series of cross-functional teams that allow us to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness.  While the organizational chart is not typical of most public agencies, our structure provides a system where a group of people with different functional expertise is able to work toward a common goal.

635762908074670000View the Yucaipa Valley Water District organizational chart.